M.O.M.S. (Mothers on Motherhood)

Wednesday evenings
6:00-7:00 p.m.
Room 217

Mothers on Motherhood exists to provide a haven of support to mothers of babies to young children and also expectant mothers while seeking to apply biblical truths to the God-given gift and responsibility of motherhood.

For more information contact: Rebecca Bramlett

How Did We Start?
Mothers on Motherhood began as a small Wednesday night discipleship group in March 2007. Though many of our attendees are members and attenders of 2nd Baptist, we welcome all women, whether they are involved in 2nd Baptist, another church or denomination, or currently are not involved in any church.

What Do We Do?
Our “lessons” are interactive in nature, designed to not only teach biblical truths that apply to both motherhood and womanhood, but to also spur interaction and bonding between the moms. Since each mom is in a similar momsstage of motherhood, we are able to share experiences and challenges. Studies we have done in the past have included “A Mom After God’s Own Heart,” “Shepherding a Child’s Heart,” “Motherstyles,” “Applying the Wisdom of Proverbs to the Rearing of Children,” “5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son…With Your Daughter.”Usually once per month, we take our class time to have a fellowship, whether it be a game night, scrapbook night, or an evening at the coffee shop. This allows us to build relationships with one another while spurring one another on in the Christian walk.

Who Attends?
Every mom and expectant mom is welcome! Currently we are comprised of married, moms, single moms, younger moms, older moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms…well you get the idea!

Mission Purpose:
See new moms and future moms either come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ or into a deeper relationship with Him through fellowship with other Christians and through Bible study. Encourage moms through challenging times by this fellowship and network of support. Provide a small-group avenue for participation in 2ndBaptist or provide additional small-group opportunities for those who already have a church home.

Childcare During Meetings:
Nursery: Infants through toddlers two years of age
Mission Friends: Two years old – Kindergarten
GA/RA and Children’s Choirs: First through Sixth grades
Youth: Seventh through Twelfth grades